Candies for any event including holidays, weddings and for every day enjoyment.

Candy is a treat on any occasion! We are open year round and fully stocked with your favorite treats ready for immediate purchase. 

We also provide a wide selection of Sugar Free Candies too. 

Both every day and on special days, we have the candies you need. Each holiday has candies specially crafted for the occasion be it Easter, Mother’s Day, Weddings or Any Day!


What is your favorite?

Here is a list of our customer favorites:

Butter Creams, Caramels, Nut Assortment, Party Mints, Cashew and Pecan Turtles, Peanut Butter Delight, Coconut Clusters, Peanut Clusters, Coconut Cream, Double Dipped Mints, Dot Mint squares, Raisin Clusters and last but not least our delicious Chocolate Covered Pretzels.